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When R&B meets Afrobeat: Edidion presents his new Single ‘Concentration’ in Exclusive Interview: “It’s Now the Time to Challenge Myself.”

The one-named artist and singer, Edidion, brings a whole package of urban styles and influences into his collection of music. Based in London, UK, the British singer with Nigerian roots follows a streak of many other breakout starts from London town: Think about Taio Cruz, for example, where Edidion’s 2015 single “One Life” offers dance flavors similar to Taio’s hit single “Dynamite”. Or Tinchy Stryder, whose electronic hip-hop style aligns with the attitude of Edidion’s “Turnin”. The latter also being the first single release with music video: On the streets of New York City, Edidion communicates with a girl in dance form, while showing moves on quiet streets at night. These kinds of vibes between street attitude and smooth R&B (reminiscent of Usher, one of his idols), build the base of Edidion’s music since releasing debut LP “Statistic” in 2015, known for the beforementioned “One Life”, rough rap-filled “Come with Me” (feat. Trevon Tate), and aggressive club banger “Go Nuts”.

Read the exclusive interview HERE


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